Traffic Leash



  • Comfortable neoprene handle
  • Durable nylon webbing
  • High quality swivel clip
  • Use with Tailhigh Hybrid Harness


One Color
Mud Gray


Use with Hybrid Harness

The TailHigh traffic leash gives you full control of your dog by your side and keeps you away from other dogs if necessary to avoid conflict.


Connect the traffic leash hook to your TailHigh harness D-ring.


While traveling, you can secure the traffic leash to the vehicle’s seat belt to keep your dog in one place.

Additional Details


High quality swivel clip

The sturdy black chrome colored swivel clip runs smoothly.


Genuine rubber label

A well-made rubber label confirms that it is a genuine product made in Korea.


Comfortable handle

Neoprene cushion is applied inside the handle for comfortable hand.

Size Information

Additional information

Choose Color

Sunset Pink, Himalayan Blue, Moss Green


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